Alumni News

Bill "The Crooner" Newman

Even in his early days Bill Newman had made his mark as a Calypsonian at the annual Saints school concerts organised by Fr. Hopkinson. Now based in Toronto, he continues to ente...

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Carl Singh

Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh, has recently been awarded the second highest honour in the land, the Order of Roraima. Links: Land of ...

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Bruce Viera

Bruce Viera is the Managing Director of BEV Processors Ltd., a Guyanese based shrimp and fish processor and the President of the Trawlers Association and Sea Food Processors of ...

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John G. Carpenter

John G. Carpenter is a member of the Board of Directors of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited. He is well known as a member of the Saints 59ers Alumni group. He is also th...

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John N. Alves

John N. Alves FIBC is the Managing Director of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited. Links: Guyana Government Information Agency |  2011 National Budget designed ...

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Greg Motayne

Dr. Greg Motayne is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, as well as a Staff Psychiatrist in the Integrated Forensic Program at the...

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Ronald Leow

Ronald P. Leow is Associate Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics and Director, Spanish Language Instruction in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.

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Godfrey Gumbs

Alumnus Godfrey Gumbs is The Maria A. Chianta and Alice M. Stoll Professor of Physics at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Links: Wikipedia | Godfre...

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Keith Johnson

Keith A. Johnson A.C.I.B., B.Sc. (Acct.) (Dist.), MBA (Dist.) is Managing Director of the Republic Bank in Grenada. Prior to his assignment Mr. Johnson was th...

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Mike Baptiste

Mike Baptiste has been honoured for his contributions to the sport of table tennis. Links: Stabroek News | Christophe Brothers plan table tennis reunion. Kaieteu...

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