Wall Of Fame


- A concrete wall surrounding the St. Stanislaus College ground.
- The wall painted a stark WHITE.
- Inserted and sealed in the concrete blocks, 3/4" thick, highly polished BLACK granite.
- Engraved in WHITE in each piece of granite for posterity, the name of the contributor to the wall.


- Rows upon rows of these highly polished BLACK granite inserts growing year after year.

We believe that each and everyone of you who have passed through the portals of OUR glorious Alma Matter will want.

Your Name On The Wall


- Being there.
- Walking up to the Wall.
- Viewing your personally inscribed block.
- Standing back, viewing this work of art and reflecting upon your many memories of SAINTS and the stalwarts of commerce, industry, education, law, literature and of course politics, that this great institution has produced...and...
- BEING PROUD of your accomplishments!

Donor Options:


Donation Amount

Cornerstone Donor

$1500 CND or more

Leadership Donor

$750 - $1499 CND

Major Donor

$450 - $749 CND

Supporting Donor

$300 - $449 CND

*** Donor Funds will be used for improvements to the school in Guyana.

**  CONTACT: Errol Chapman | Email: echapman@st-stanislaus-gy.com

The St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto has approved $35,605.35 CAD that includes
the Barbados Association $8,100 CAD for the "WALL of FAME" project in Guyana. Release of funds is subject to:

  1. Receipt of Plans

  2. Receipt of schematics and approval of placement of plaques

  3. Receipt and approval of relevant invoices for the project"

The project was conceived in the early 1990's as a method of raising funds on an on going basis with
annual campaigns.

Our initial campaign raised $42,600CAD (Barbados $8,100, Toronto $34,500) The construction cost of the
WALL is estimated at $35,600 (CAD) excluding the cost of the plaques. The whole idea is to provide the
College with financial support by utilizing the excess funds raised (over the construction cost) for other
projects as the College.

The initial construction will consist of a 92' concrete block wall on which the plaques will be placed and
the balance, a chain link fence will surround the entire property.
Each plaque measuring 9" wide x 3 ½" high is a ¾" thick piece of highly polished, solid, black granite with
the contributors name and either the years he/she attended Saints or the year he/she left Saints' and an
artistic border sand blasted 1/8" into the granite and painted in white. Imagine the longevity.

Dozens of present/past Executive members of the Barbados, Toronto and Guyana Saints' Alumni Associations have spent hundreds of hours getting it to this point. It was not easy. Notable participants
include Albert Rodrigues (architect), Ken Khan (President, Barbados chapter), John Lewis (engineer), Joe
Reis (project coordinator) and Stan Gonsalves (engineer). Dozens of others are still "on board" pushing the
project. And others are coming on board e.g. Chris Fernandes who is now the driving force behind the
construction of the wall.

For the thousands of Saints alumni who have not yet made a contribution, this is your final opportunity to
become a FOUNDING MEMBER of the WALL of FAME. Give generously so that you will be remembered as Saints alumni for years to come. (Your cheque must be received by January 31, 2004)
The next fund raising campaign to add names to the WALL will include an increase in cost of a plaque to cover the increase construction costs over the last six years.

Come on Guys and Girls - BE A FOUNDING MEMBER by adding your name to the 90+ contributors NOW.

Call, write, e-mail us for a full colour 25 ½ " x 11" Wall of Fame brochure (folded 8 ½" x 11") which
provides great detail.

Wall of Fame Progress - August 2004

Wall of Fame Progress - June 2004

Wall of Fame Progress - April 2004

The following is a list of contributors.
(please check the spelling of your name and provide the year/s where needed)

Cornerstone Donors
Years in Saints / Year Left
Andre Periana 1965-1970 T
Peter Fernandes 1948-1954  
Lionel Sewchand 1970 T
Richard Harford 1956-1962 T
Brian Ramphal 1972-1977 T
Des Jardine 1962-1967 T
Keith M. Seaforth 1959-1964 T
Paul A. Crum-Ewing 1943-1950 T
William P. D’Andrade 1928-1936 T
Cecil F. De Caires 1934 B
Geoffrey De Caires 1954-1962 B
A. Rupert De Castro 1954-1959 T
Gerald De Freitas 1952-1957 B
Peter De Freitas 1958-1962 B
Bernard Friemann 1960-1965 T
Vibert Lampkin 1944-1952 T
Leslie Pereira 1953-1958 T
L.A. Bunty Philips 1950-1958 T
Joesph Reis Sr. 1941-1946 T
Joesph Reis Jr. 1965-1972 T
Peter Rodrigues 1958 T
Lionel Sewchand 1957-1962 T
Douglas A. Thompson 1944-1948 T
Errol Campbell   T
St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto (Founded 1993)   T

Commitments were given to these generous contributors that their plaques will surround the 32” x 24” cornerstone.

Leadership Donors
Years in Saints / Year Left
Keith Arno 1958 T
John D’Andrade 1969 T

Brian Devers



Roger Devers

1959-1964 T

Derek D’Oliveira

1961-1968 T

A.Vic Gonsalves

1950-1957 T

Michael Fung


Gamon Gomes


Vincent Medes De Franca

1949-1954 T

Perry Mittleholzer

1970-1976 T
Neville Devonish 1978-1980 T
St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Antigua & Barbuda  ( Founded March 2006)    

Major Donors
Years in Saints / Year Left

Bernard Austin

1967-1972 T

Stan J.R. Affonso

1946-1951 T

Philip De Cambra



John Gernardo


Francis Gernardo

1969-1974 T

Abelard Reis

1969-1973 T

Robert Reis

1966-1974 T

Maurice Serrao

1956 T

Robin Shaw

1964-1970 T

Rosanna Shaw

1983 T

Joseph Schuler

1960-1962 T

John Vincent

1943-1949 T

John Yip

1951-1958 T

Joseph King

1937-1950 G

Cecil Fitt

1938-1944 B
Errol Chapman  1952-1959 T

P. I. Gomes

1953-1960 B

Supporting Donors
Years in Saints / Year Left

Paul Abdool


Bernard Arokium

1962-1970 T

Malcolm Barrington

1971-1976 T

Howard Bryce

1957-1961 T

Bob Cheeatow

1951-1955 T

John Choy

1950-1957 T

Maurice Choy

1965-1972 T

Vivian D’Andrade

1943-1950 T

Danny Doobay


Neil Gonsalves

1954-1962 T

Hugh Hazlewood

1958-1964 T

Paul Hazlewood

1963-1966 T

N.A. Jordan

1951-1959 T
Raymond Rasul 1956 T

Mike Persaud


Peter Persaud


Brian Rodrigues

1960 T

Ron Sanders


Michael Seabra

1954-1958 T

Tony Sookrah

1963-1968 T

Howard Welshman

1954-1960 T

Volville Forsythe

1946-1951 B

D. Wayne Westmaas

1954-1958 T

Albert Rodrigues

1954-1959 G

Leslie Wight

1947 T

Art Williams

1965 B

N Ameerally

1950-1955 B

David Vernon Clarke

1948-1956 B

Harold Anthony Clarke

1966-1970 B

Chris D Caires

1944-1949 B

Carlton I. De Freitas

1945-1950 B

Bill De Freitas

1950-1958 B

Clement Derrell

1963-1970 B

Jeane Everton Forde

1972 B

Stan Greaves

1973-1978 B

Andre Greaves

1967-1969 B

Colin Henry

1955 B

Kenneth Khan

1948-1955 B

Mark McWatt

1952-1957 B

Ivor Wilkinson

1971-1973 B

Ray Yhap

1959-1960 B
Hillary De Cambra 1949-1953 T
Christopher Lewis 1978-1983 T
William Beckett 1938-1943 B
Noel Denny 1954-1959 T
Harold St. C. Rampersaud 1949-1952 T
Frank B. Delph 1946-1953 T
Richard H. Delph 1953-1961  
Chris Cho-Young  1956-1961  
Prince Veerasammy 1952-1957 T
Terrence Campbell   T
John P. Lewis 1954-1961 G
Chris J. Fernandes 1955-1962 G
Tony Gomes 1951-1956 T

Bernard Crawford


Teachers' Fund
Years in Saints / Year Left

Rev. Thomas Lynch




Appreciation Plaques
The Jesuits:- for founding St. Stanislaus College)

John Fernandes Snr. (aka Honest John):- for his lifelong contribution to St. Stanislaus College

Scout Masters
Years in Saints / Year Left

Rev. Harold Wong S.J. 

1959-1960 B

Rev. Benjamin Parrot S.J.

1960-1963 B

Rev. Bernard Darke S.J.



Gregory De Castro


Legend For Chapters

T = Toronto
B = Barbados
G = Guyana
*  = Friend of Saints

Any contributor who is willing to “top up” into the next level or above is encouraged to do so.  After all it is a fund-raiser.