Irfan Ally is new Minister of Housing

Added on 13th January 2010

Alumnus Ifran Ally is to be confirmed as Housing Minister. He  is a young  community organiser who worked tirelessly during the post-flood era, heading up the guyana Government's flood relief payout scheme at the Ministry of Finance. Ally is currently a Parliamentary backbencher.

Ally is taking over the post from former Housing Minister Harrinarine Nawbatt, who is now Guyana’s ambassador to Brazil. Until his appointment, Works Minister Robeson Benn acted as Housing Minister.

Speaking with the media after his appointment, the new Minister said that housing and water are critical for Guyanese.
“Housing and water is a critical area for our people…not only providing housing and water but also quality housing and water,” Ally said.
There is a lot of work that has already been done, he added, stating that there are a lot of housing schemes that need to be occupied.
“We have some issues with squatting that we will have to deal with. There is also a new loan that is being negotiated by the IDB.”
Ally said that the Housing Ministry is very challenging but he is looking forward to the new job.
The new Minister said that as priority, he will be looking at ways to better deliver the services of the Ministry.
Just before his appointment as Minister, Ally was the National Programme Coordinator of all Caribbean Development Bank-funded projects.
This body had funded a number of water-related projects, he noted, pointing out that he is very acquainted with the sector.
On September 13, last, Kaieteur News had first reported that Ally had been tipped for the new post.
However, the Head of State said at the time that he had several persons he was considering for the post but declined to confirm whether Ally was one of those being considered.
The new Minister was sworn in before his family and friends along with other colleague Ministers.

source: Kaieteur News